‘Gathering around the crackling fire of the internet’ and Storyworld themes

I am currently really occupied with the write-up and the final event of our Connected DCRC project, Keeping In Touch but just wanted to keep up with some more thoughts from Storyworld.

Themes that kept cropping up at the conference were somewhat familiar from conversations that we have had in the PMStudio network. Putting them as headlines here to remind myself to write the blogposts later.

  • how do I make money?
  • the importance of narrative & that people want it
  • working across the silos & breaking down walls between disciplines
  • listening to the audience & building in participation
  • “live” is never going to go away (sounds like a line from Love Story!)

Highlight moments for me from the conference include the keynote The New Power of Story, with Jordan Weisman talking to Alison Norrington. I particularly enjoyed his explanatory slide of narrative arc based on “bastards in rom-coms”. Unfortunately I was too busy giggling to write down all he said and as usual, too shy(!) to get close enough to take a snapshot of the slide. As someone who has not ‘studied’ storytelling or narrative it was good to kick off the whole conference with this entertaining session where he explained storytelling as a human need to “fill in the gaps between shards of memories of events”. I am still mulling over his statement that every new technology leads to new storytelling methods, but I definitely liked the idea that in some ways we are back to where we started; sharing stories, but these days around the “crackling fire of the internet”.

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