Dragons, novels, opera and screens (week ending 20012012)

Our first weeknote of the new year is coincidental with the transition from the year of the rabbit to the year of the dragon (Chinese New Year: 23rd January). The DCRC team wishes everyone a happy and fulfilling new year. In the early stages of 2012 DCRC researchers are as busy as ever. We have been presenting research, working current research into this terms teaching programme, writing, and, of course, planning what comes next!

Charlotte Crofts presented her practice-based research concerning heritage applications for mobile technologies based on the Curzon cinema in Clevedon at the MeCCSA annual conference. As previously blogged, Charlotte’s engaging and interactive poster with accompanying mobile content won the 2012 MeCCSA poster prize.

The first BBC/UWE Fusion Lab pilot, themed around ‘Second Screen‘ content, launched at the Pervasive Media Studio on Friday 20th January. 20 UWE students and graduates began work on a programme exploring the role of Second Screen engagement with established BBC productions.

Dan Dixon has just returned from New York where he is working with MIT Media Lab (Future of the Opera group) and Punchdrunk. They are, collectively, trying to create an online component to Punchdrunk’s immersive, site-specific theatre production, Sleep No More. Dan was carrying out design ethnography, intended to provide insights into what aspects of the performance could be carried across into an online experience. Later in the year he and Jon Rogers of the University of Dundee will be evaluating the final experience, using ethnographic and insight journalism methods.

Alistair Horne’s (Cambridge University Press) report ‘The Future of the Book‘ featured insights from Tom Abba, pointing toward a post-digital engagement with publishing across digital and traditional platforms. This forms a continuing interest for Tom in his ongoing exploration of novel and nascent means of engaging with narrative and storytelling.

Following hot on the heals of his ‘novelexperiment‘, Tom is now writing another novel, more details are available at Tom’s website (also aggregated on this website, here). Tom has provides a brief Manifesto as:

To explore what form does to story, how story can be shaped within a simple set of rules. What those rules might do to the eventual shape of the story. Who, tells it, and how it is told. Things have to happen, to be shaped: a very public first draft.

Tom will be blogging (tomabba.com/otherthings) once every few weeks (aggregated here on the DCRC site), reflecting on the formative process.

Jeanette Monaco will be including up-to-the-minute research findings from our AHRC Connected Communities project ‘Measuring Value Networks In The Cultural Industries’ within teaching on the creative workplace in the early part of this term.

Patrick Crogan and Sam Kinsley are currently working on an exciting publication opportunity around the theme of the ‘attention economy’, drawing on inisghts from our successful ESF-funded conference Paying Attention, in 2009. More details will be made available in the near future.

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