A summer of research activities – an overview

The DCRC team are variously taking holiday and engaging in research activities away from desks and so we are offering an overview of some of our summertime activities in this post. Normal service for weekly blogging will return in September.

The Director of the DCRC, Professor Jonathan Dovey is preparing for the culmination of his transition to focussing full-time on the fantastically successful REACT knowledge exchange hub. REACT is a collaboration led by Prof. Dovey at UWE with the universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter. The first round of REACT funded projects, under the Heritage Sandbox programme, are due to culminate with a showcase in September.

After a busy year, thusfar, of talks and conferences, Senior Research Fellow Mandy Rose is focussing on preparations for the next phase of her innovative research programme concerning collaborative and interactive documentary practice. You can keep up to date with Mandy’s latest news on her blog.

Charlotte Crofts has been very busy working on the City Strata project, part of the REACT Heritage Sandbox programme. Charlotte’s ‘Curzon Memories’ app also recently featured on the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘You and Yours’, in a feature on the AppCircus event in London. The autumn term will bring the REACT showcase in which you will be able to see the fruits of Charlotte’s labour, alongside partners Calvium and Bristol City Council.

PhD researcher Tine Bech is currently testing an exciting new interactive sound installation at the Pervasive Media Studio – home of the DCRC. Tine has been working with Tom Mitchell, Lecturer in Music Systems at UWE, and a technology partner, award winning innovators, UbiSense. The DCRC are incredibly pleased to support the development of the project, in particular as it exemplifies the kind of work that is emerging as a result of UWE’s ongoing creative technologies collaboration with the Watershed.

Tom Abba has been developing work around the theme of the ‘future of the book‘ and the re-imagination of publishing, both as a part of his ongoing research and in relation to the forthcoming REACT Books and Print sandbox. Tom organised a two-day workshop on that theme, in concert with the Centre for Fine Print Research during July and is currently working on a book concerning the future of publishing with Baldur Bjarnason. Tom is also involved in a panel proposed for SXSW 2013 entitled ‘Hacking the university‘, organised by Clare Reddington, Director of the Pervasive Media Studio.

Patrick Crogan is currently in the early stages of drafting a new book following a successful programme of talks in Australia in July. Patrick is writing on the theme of ‘post-cinematic media’, offering an innovative reading together of emerging forms of digital media experience and the activist philosophy of Bernard Stiegler. Patrick has documented some of his recent talks on the technophilia blog.

Dan Dixon has been reflecting on his fieldwork in New York with Punchdrunk’s promenade production ‘Sleep no more’, based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Dan is also in the throes of writing his PhD dissertation concerning critical reflections on ‘pervasive gaming’.

Both Helen Kennedy and Seth Giddings have been writing a range of innovative and exciting modules for the BA Media Culture and Practice and the MA Media Practice and Culture and MA/MSc Creative Media. Equally, Helen has been pushing forward her work concerning knowledge exchange between academe and industry around the ways in which we understand the cultural significance of games, gameplay and everyday playful engagements with technoculture. Seth has also been advancing his ‘micro-ethology‘ research methodology both in terms of further research and as an aspect of teaching.

Research Fellow Sam Kinsley has had several publications published recently. These include two as a part of the Paying Attention theme issue of Culture Machine – the co-authored editorial and an interview with Peer-2-Peer Foundation founder Michel Bauwens – and an article in the Future Geographies theme issue of Environment and Planning A concerning anticipatory practices of technology development. In July, Sam contributed to the ‘Smart City‘ artist commission for the Open City programme of European Capital of Culture Guimarães 2012. Sam is using the summer break to prepare two further articles concerning the importance of materiality in the study of ‘virtual’ technologies and the former HP Labs project ‘CoolTown’.

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