Systems/Layers Walkshop with Adam Greenfield

9th May 2011

Pervasive Media Studo, Bristol

The DCRC are pleased to announce that we are partnering with Do Projects‘ Adam Greenfield and Nurri Kim to bring their innovative Systems/Layers ‘walkshop’ for the first time in the UK. The ‘walkshop’ will take place in central Bristol, using the Pervasive Media Studio as a base.

Systems/Layers is a half-day ‘walkshop’, held in two parts. The first portion of the activity is dedicated to a slow and considered walk through a reasonably dense and built-up section of the city at hand. What we’re looking for are appearances of the networked digital in the physical, and vice versa: apertures through which the things that happen in the real world drive the ‘network weather’, and contexts in which that weather affects what people see, confront and are able to do.

Participants will be asked to pay particular attention to:

  • Places where information is being collected by the network.
  • Places where networked information is being displayed.
  • Places where networked information is being acted upon, either by people directly, or by physical systems that affect the choices people have available to them.

This portion of the day will take around 90 minutes, after which we will gather in the PM Studio to map, review and discuss the things we’ve encountered. An hour will be given over for this, but discussion can go on as long as participants feel like hanging out.

Do projects’ Nurri Kim and Adam Greenfield will plan and run the workshop, with the assistance DCRC Research Fellow Sam Kinsley.

The walkshop works best if it’s limited to roughly 30 participants in total, split into two teams for the walking segment and reunited for the discussion. We invite expressions of interest via email.


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