Dr. Constance Fleuriot

Dr Constance Fleuriot has worked as a Research Associate at the DCRC for both the AHRC Knowledge Transfer Fellowship concerning Pervasive Media and the AHRC Connected Communities programme-funded ‘Keeping in Touch’ project. The Knowledge Transfer Fellowship examined the aesthetics, emerging language and production of values within the Pervasive Media Studio community. For the Connected DCRC project, Keeping In Touch, Constance worked in close collaboration with Knowle West Media Centre. She has a lengthy involvement with innovative technologies, both in her own arts practice and also as one of the principal investigators on the Mobile Bristol Project, investigating the social impact of emerging pervasive and mobile technologies.

Constance was a consultant on the development of the Futurelab createascape website, a resource for pupils and teachers on how to use HPlabs mscape software in an educational setting. She has also worked for Intel Research (Seattle) on a research project looking at teenage girls use of technology. For the last few years she has been a freelance consultant in user research and locative media design, facilitating location-based mixed-media projects with a variety of user communities, with a interest in the ethical issues around pervasive media.