The Digital Cultures Research Centre (DCRC) is the hub for a network of researchers from across the University of the West of England whose work addresses the practices and socio-cultural meanings of emerging media. In a context of transforming media cultures, in which established methods of producing and understanding media are undergoing rapid change, we map and contextualise emerging practices and critically reflect on their aesthetics, ethics and impacts. The unique character of the DCRC is our mix of criticality, creativity and application. DCRC research seeks to make an impact by creating new knowledge about creative media applications in real world contexts, and about everyday life in today’s digital media ecology.

As well as facilitating and coordinating research projects, the DCRC organises academic symposia, workshops and public events, and brings research to curriculum development.

The DCRC is a partner, with the University of Bristol, in The Pervasive Media Studio. Located at Watershed in Bristol’s Harbourside, the PM Studio hosts a unique diverse community of artists, creative companies, technologists and academics exploring experience design and creative technology.DCRC researchers work in the open innovation Studio space, collaborating on projects and in dialogue with residents.

Research interests within the DCRC network include (but aren’t limited to): interactive documentary, immersive media, moving image, ambient literature, techno-civic interfaces, automation and AI, critical making, speculative design, cultural value. The centre hosts the bi-annual i-Docs Symposium. You can find out more about DCRC researchers on our People page.

The DCRC is always keen to discuss partnerships and collaborations with researchers, practitioners and industry.