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Girls & Robots: Reflections on the Being Human Festival

In March 2016, Microsoft released a chatbot called Tay. Designed to replicate the language patterns of a 19-year-old American girl, Tay joined Twitter in a PR move that was meant to illustrate the promise of social learning in robots. Instead, Tay began to respond to deliberately offensive tweets, and within 24 hours Tay’s tweets, too, […]

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Doll Parts: Jennifer Whitney’s Current Research Activities

Over the spring and summer months, I attended several academic events. As well as being incredibly helpful for networking and writing motivation, two—the inaugural conference of the International Girls Studies Association and the Politics of Beauty Summer School and Conference—were equal parts fun and fascinating. At the moment, I am developing chapters for my first […]

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DCRC Event: Automation and Frankenstein – April 22

Come along to ‘Animating the Inanimate: Automation and Frankenstein.’ This provocative and engaging panel discussion, hosted by the Bristol Festival of Ideas and the DCRC, will take place at the Watershed on the evening of 22 April, 8:00–9.30pm. Tickets are free and available here. Event Details Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1818) was published during a time of significant technological […]

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Human/Machine: The Cultural Anxieties of Automation

Dr Jennifer Whitney is a Research Fellow with the Digital Cultures Research Centre. She is working on a project entitled ‘The Automation of Everyday Life’.  In January she gave an informal talk at the first meeting of the South West Futurists—the outline of this talk is below. Jennifer tweets @dcrcuk under #EverydayAutomation. The talk focused […]

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