Dr. Jo Morrison

Jo Morrison’s PhD is concerned with making our future smart cities more pleasurable to inhabit. Exploring the synthesis of new technologies and advanced materials in outdoor public space, she has developed resources for material-centred interaction design research and practice (the Experiential Framework and the Conceptual Materials for Design Research). The resources are intended to co-exist with established design research methods and emerging approaches. As part of her investigation, Jo studied multidisciplinary hybrid processes in contemporary design culture, as well as producing the Urban Interaction Design Workshop for artists, designers and engineers to test and inform her research findings.

Jo worked at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, between 2008-2015. As Digital Projects Director she investigated ways in which technologies can provide new approaches to learning and teaching in art and design higher education. She initiated and led ‘Researching Learning’, a two-year multidisciplinary project concerned with digital culture, digital literacy, and new forms of knowledge production; insights from which informed institutional strategies, policies and practices. Jo also identified and directed numerous creative collaborations for CSM, led technology enhanced learning initiatives and managed the University’s cultural engagement with the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

In an earlier stage of her career Jo was founding Creative Director of Futurelab, a leading educational research and development organisation that explored how the creative use of new and emerging technologies could enable innovative approaches to education. Here, she collaborated with artists, technologists, educators, young people and scientists to imagine and build prototypes designed to inform systemic change in education.

Jo aims to create socially meaningful concepts that afford creative and critical engagement with technologies and motivate action towards better futures. She has initiated and led multiple interdisciplinary projects in the UK and internationally, and collaborated with organisations including the V&A Museum, Microsoft Research, Wellcome Trust, MIT Media Lab, BBC, UK Sport, Pearson, and the Royal Shakespeare Company. Jo also enjoyed working for a number of years with broadcasters, including the BBC and ITV, as well as start-up and established technology companies.