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The relationships between teaching and research underpin the DCRC. Key aspects of our research are fed directly into our teaching on both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at UWE, and conversely, our teaching informs and energises our research. Our teaching follows the DCRC ethos of criticality, creativity, and application: theory and practice are integrated in the production of, research into, and reflection on, cutting-edge media developments. At all levels, our courses develop a critical understanding of the contemporary media landscape as both the arena for innovative media production, and as the environment in which new applications and systems have to find their users, consumers and players.

BBC/DCRC prototype 'Fusion' lab for UWE students and alumni exploring 'second screens'.

BBC/DCRC prototype ‘Fusion’ lab for UWE students and alumni exploring ‘second screens’.

Our close working relationship with the Pervasive Media Studio offers a wide range of opportunities for our students to engage with live projects in the field of innovation in creative technology.  Students have opportunities to work on social media based publicity campaigns and to work closely with experienced pervasive and trans- media producers in the creation and delivery of apps to accompany broader arts and creative industries activities, such as the BBC’s More than Words festival and recording artist Sandy Dillon’s album Shipwreck’d. Students are also regularly invited to test new applications, devices and experiences with the studio residents.