Queen of Code: Constance Fleuriot talks crowdfunding, representation & game design

DCRC associate Constance Fleuriot is currently crowdfunding for Lux and the Shadowmaker - a computer game about light and shadows. She is one of the women making games who have joined the Queen of Code initiative, which has been set up by Creative England and Crowdfunder to find and fund female developers in the UK. Constance has sought to address […]

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IDFA DocLab: focus on digital reality

Last year, DocLab had “Interactive reality” in its title, this year it was  “Immersive reality”. We shifted from interactive to immersive, what does this mean? Since our physical reality is already both immersive and interactive, I suppose the novelty here is to question how we want to understand the role of factual storytelling in the […]

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“Interaction is a relationship”. Designing interactive narratives for kids.

“Interaction is a relationship. It’s good sex. It’s bad conversation. It’s indeterminate behaviour, and it’s redundant result. It’s many things, none of which can be done alone. Interaction is a process that dictates communication. It can also be a communication that dictates process. It provides options, necessitates a change in pace and changes you as […]

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