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CKC 2019
Rethinking, Resisting, and Reimagining the Creative City

12-13 September
Bristol BS1 5TX

In July 2018, DCRC convened the first Creativity, Knowledge, Cities (CKC) Conference to critically explore the tensions between the cultural sector, cities and universities.


CKC 2019: Rethinking, Resisting, and Reimagining the Creative City builds on these productive debates.


Join us at Watershed over September 12 – 13 for two days of exploration, conversation and workshops. Across roundtables and keynote panels we’ll be hearing from researchers, activists, artists, policymakers and practitioners. Together we will unpack the relationships between place, the creative sector and the university, thinking and working collectively towards more resilient and just urban futures.


For more details and a full list of speakers visit https://ckc-conf.co.uk/2019/


Virtual Realities + Alterities
Experimental approaches and expanded practices

9 May 09.30 – 17.45
Royal College of Art – Lecture Theatre 1
London SW7 2EU

Opening Keynote from DCRC Director Mandy Rose


This one-day symposium held at the Royal College of Art investigates current practice and thinking about the technologies of Virtual Reality, and the related mediums of Extended, xR and Augmented Reality.


Now that they are sufficiently developed and accessible for artists, designers and the general public, Virtual Realities and Alterities – other ways of doing VR, XR and AR – remain an emerging field of study, and what constitutes the ‘virtual’ is still open to debate.

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Imag(in)ing the Anthropocene

 14 June 2019 Waterside 2
Watershed Bristol

This one-day conference will explore the ways in which audio-visual and other media imagine – and produce images of – the Anthropocene, climate destabilisation and related anthropogenic threats to human, environmental and planetary well-being.

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Feeling the Past – Empathy, Heritage and the Museum

4 December 2018

Mshed, Bristol

In this symposium we invite scholars, makers and heritage professionals to reflect upon their own experiences in how we build emotional content into the visitor experience. How good have we become at feeling the past?

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End of Gender?

17 – 18 November, 2018

Watershed, 1 Canon’s Road, Bristol

DCRC member Rob Eagle invites you to put on a mixed reality headset and interact with a genderqueer wardrobe where the possibilities of gender are endless.

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Only Expansion

Fri 26 – Sat 27 Oct,  2018

Watershed, 1 Canon’s Road, Bristol

An augmented audio walk by DCRC member Duncan Speakman. Only Expansion seamlessly combines the sound of your surroundings with an evocative music score which connects the here to the elsewhere.

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