Dr. Patrick Crogan

Patrick Crogan is Associate Professor of Digital Cultures in the Department of Arts and Cultural Industries. An Australian researcher who has worked at UWE since 2008, his 2011 book Gameplay Mode: War, Simulation and Technoculture examines what videogames can tell us about the relations between war and technoculture. Patrick is interested in projects connecting the DCRC with other organisations, working to renew a sustainable cultural future through the enormous potential of the digital to foster creativity, collaboration, critical engagement, and new kinds of collective futures.

He was Principal Investigator on the 2014-15 AHRC Video Game Research Networking project, Creative Territories, with project partners the Bristol Games Hub and Utrecht University. In 2013 he was academic lead partner on the REACT Hub’s ‘Future Documentary’ Sandbox project: Jack the Ripper: Shadow over Whitechapel. This innovative ‘playable documentary’ explores the Ripper phenomenon’s social and cultural dimensions, drawing on the expertise of several researchers.

Patrick convened the DCRC symposium on Autonomy and Automation: AI, Robotics and the Digital Cultural Future in 2014. With Jon Dovey he organised a conference in 2010 for the DCRC called Paying Attention with funding from the European Science Foundation. The 2012 special issue of Culture Machine co-edited by Patrick and former DCRC Research Fellow, Sam Kinsley, was based on the conference.

Patrick is an expert on the work of media and technology philosopher and activist, Bernard Stiegler, having written several pieces on his work’s relevance to media, film and cultural theory, and translated some of his writings into English. He guest edited a special issue of Cultural Politics on Stiegler in 2010. Currently he is working on a book for Routledge applying and extending Stiegler’s insights on the contemporary mediatic milieu’s challenges and potentials.