Creative Territories

Creative Territories: Exploring Innovation in Indie Game Production Contexts and Connections was a 2014 Arts and Humanities Research Council Videogames Research Networking project.


This research network examined the emerging but highly significant indie games element of the videogames industry to identify how it makes possible new kinds of cultural production, collaboration and creativity.  The principal task was to evaluate the dynamics of collaborative game production activity as a response to changing technological, media, cultural and economic conditions.  The goal of the research was to formulate and to ‘map forward’ the key processes and connections that represent commercially viable, creatively sustainable and culturally valuable pathways for the development of this sector so that it lives beyond its early ‘bubble’ and makes a significant difference in video game production as both economically and culturally valuable form.


Creative Territories staged a timely and relevant cross-disciplinary dialogue, building and consolidating nascent relationships between indie game researchers, stakeholder organisations and industry.  A guide to effective, culturally valuable and economically sustainable indie game collaboration was produced as a major outcome and has been made available through the website.

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Patrick Crogan

Josh Jarrett