Emma Whittaker

Emma Whittaker is a post-doctoral research fellow in Ambient Literature production at UWE. She holds a PhD from Plymouth University, Transitions-Felt, William James, Locative Narrative and the Multi-stable Field of Expanded Narrative, which investigates narrative and imaginative practices informed by the vocabularies of cognitive psychology and pragmatism. As co-director and producer at TrulyImagined, she situates fictional places in existent locations using guided imagining, perceptual illusions and sound, together with smartphone technologies. Recent projects include, the iOS apps The Lost Index, No.1: Landscape with Figures (2013), The Lost Index, No.2: The Turning (2014), nominated for a Media Innovation Award, LociOscope, The Letters (2014) and The Lost Index: NATMUS, National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen (2015), Journeyer’s Guidebook (2016) Brighton Digital Festival, DRHA2016. She convenes the Expanded Narrative Research Network.

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