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Erinma Ochu

Dr Erinma Ochu is Wallscourt Associate Professor of Immersive Media in the College of Art, Technology and Environment at UWE. They are a member of the DCRC and teach on the Virtual and Extended Realities MA.


Building on a background in neuroscience, storytelling and emerging technologies, Erinma’s transdisciplinary research is focused on generating a planetary agenda, #PostCarbonFutures, which considers Extended Reality as a space to re-examine possibilities for life, co-existence and what it means to feel alive.


They currently enjoy research collaborations as storytelling lead on national climate justice initiative, Engaging Environments (UKRI-NERC) and as arts lead on Patterns in Practice (UKRI-AHRC) which examines cultures, values and beliefs in practitioners’ use of machine learning.


Erinma is co-director of Squirrel Nation, alumni of the Stuart Hall Artist and Scholars Network.


How to say my name.

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