JSP Head Shot

James Staunton-Price PhD Researcher

James Staunton-Price is a filmmaker, lecturer, and researcher in anti-extractive nonfiction filmmaking pedagogy in higher education. His AHRC-funded PhD with SWWDTP is situated between Aberystwyth and UWE. James analyses initiatives that respond to the material and social implications of climate and ecological trouble, the contexts in which initiatives operate, and the implications of theory for methods of nonfiction filmmaking and pedagogy. The research is practice-based, where the practice is delivering filmmaking pedagogy that aims toward a (still distant) regenerative or steady-state filmmaking. James’s interests include documentary film, the film and television industries, political ecology, degrowth, new materialism and pedagogy for social change.


James is an experienced lecturer in nonfiction filmmaking (University of Brighton 2009-10; MET Film School 2011-15; UCL Anthropology 2015-20) and an HEA fellow.




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