Lena Dobrowolska

Lena Dobrowolska is an artist, practice-based researcher and educator. Her UKRI-funded 

PhD project looks at how the use of emergent technologies and co-creation can contribute to the development of justice-led methodologies for capturing and addressing the non-economic loss and damage caused by the climate crisis. Her focus will be on capturing and addressing the loss of intangible cultural heritage and Traditional Knowledge systems through inclusive digitalisation methodologies in the context of planned relocation.


Lena works across lens-based media, experimental documentary filmmaking and digital storytelling. Her research interrogates the intersection of the climate crisis and human rights, political ecology and climate governmentality. She presented her work at COP25 in collaboration with the Platform on Disaster Displacement, is co-coordinator of the Loss and Damage Collaboration’s Art and Cultural Program, and was the recipient of the Coalition of Arts and Sustainable Development Prize in 2019 and The Culture and Climate Change: Future Scenarios Networked Residency in 2016.

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