Tarek E virani

Tarek Virani

Tarek is Associate Professor of Creative Industries at the Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries and Education. He is working on a number of large research projects examining creative industries clusters in the South West of England and beyond. Previously he was Deputy Director of Network: Queen Mary University of London’s Centre for the Creative and Cultural Economy.

His research interests spans a number of areas within the creative and cultural economy including: the role of intermediaries and social enterprises in the creative and cultural economy, cultural policy, artistic knowledge within locally bounded artistic communities, new work spaces in the creative and cultural economy, the role of micro-community engagement in culture-led regeneration, the role of the creative and cultural economy intermediary, the link between the creative industries and local development, creative and cultural hubs, and the internationalisation of creative work. Tarek has done work for a number of local, national and international organisations including research institutions, governments and other stake holders.

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