Restorative Futures

The Restorative Futures strand at DCRC focuses on the role that cultures of repair, care, healing and maintenance play in contemporary society. Taking an expansive multispecies perspective to what society is and means, the Earth’s inviolability is placed at the center of an approach to making, doing and thinking that is complemented by an intersectional framework that looks to the role of innovative cosmologies and radical imaginaries as a means through which to rework our relationships with each other, with other companion species and with the Earth.


This approach is rooted in several interdisciplinary viewpoints relating but not exclusive to contemporary art, spatial, media and screen-based practices, post-humanist, materialist and eco-feminist theory and radical participatory politics.


Restorative Futures seeks to build alliances with those interested in the practice and application of such perspectives. Open to developing and supporting undergraduate curricula, MA and PhD students interested in working in these areas, we welcome proposals from collaborators and colleagues locally, nationally and internationally.